Automation features

TrafficBees traffic and lead distribution tools for affiliates is life changing. Set limits, weights and let us do the work for you.

Tools to help you automate your
leads and traffic distribution

Collect leads from all your sources and landing pages, send them directly to affiliate networks and brands with a smart lead distribution tool, get lead live status and optimize on the go

Smart Lead Distribution

Automate your captured leads distribution. Send to 1 or more brands by weights, set daily lead caps and sending hours by time zone. AB test your brands and find out which is the best performing. 

Smart Traffic Distribution

Send your visitors and click to a premade funnel with landing pages and offers. Send to multiple offers and divide traffic by weights, optimize your best performing offers and increase your revenues.

More automation features

API access

Integrate TrafficBee with other platforms with our Rest API . Send leads and receive status updates automatically to external CRM's, call center platforms and more

Send leads from CSV file

Upload leads from CSV files and distribute them with the leads distribution system, in pre-determined time frames and make it look like live leads. The perfect feature for leadgen campaigns, bulk data purchases and more

Still Not Convinced?

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