Get more conversion data on Facebook with conversion api

Attribute conversions to specific Facebook users and report them back to Facebook for better optimization. 


Better facebook conversion optimization

A more accurate reporting than the Meta (Facebook) pixel means better Facebook campaign optimization. Feed Facebook with a more accurate data.

attribute traffic to ads

Get important information such as ad name, adset name, campaign name and learn what works

Accurately report conversions

Attribute conversions to Facebook users and report them back with custom conversions to feet your needs

Easy to use integration template

Setup your advanced Facebook integration in just 5 minutes, no need for developers or any technical knowledge of any sort. Add the template, insert the Facebook Pixel ID, Conversion API Key, and Event source URL and your good to go

more amazing feature

See more of TrafficBee's advanced features to help you increase your affiliate profits, run your brand's marketing, or your clients campaigns. Scale and profit

track cost and revenue

Learn which campaign, offer or traffic source make you higher profits and optimize accordingly

traffic flow automation

Automate your traffic & lead distribution, AB test your offers and LPs, and find the hidden gems

Landings & Multi-offer tracking

Track incoming traffic: campaign visits, clicks on landing pages, different conversionss

custom tracking domains

Connect your own domain for your campaigns. Give your links credabillity and imporve your CTR

Lead capture & tracking

Easily connect or build your Landing page, capture leads, send them and get status updates

Affiliate Dashboard

Track your clicks and conversions from all the affiliate networks and brands you send traffic to

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