Affiliate marketing is a major revenue source for CFD Forex and Crypto brokers. As financial traffic is scares, broker are willing to pay a handful in commissions.

Forex traffic commission range between $300 to $1200 per CPA, depends on the funnel type, GEO, traffic source and some other factors, such as negotiating capabilities and brand strength.

Having such an amazing commission, allows affiliates to take more risks, push for more traffic and grow much faster.

A tried and tested method for Forex affiliate marketing

If you are just beginning in the affiliate industry, it’s ok. We’ve got you back 🙂

Forex Affiliate in a nutshell is getting people to register to a broker through a unique referral link, and let the broker do his thing. Some of the brokers has call centers that calls the leads, some doesn’t. Usually the brokers with the call center pay higher commissions, but have a higher minimum deposit, while the big brokers that has no call center, has much lower minimum deposit, but add other requirements (ie weiger requirements).

When a user you have referred is making a deposit to with the broker, he is than transformed into an FTD (First Time Depositor), and you receive your hefty commission.

The main task you, as an affiliate, should make you primary effort on, is to find your best traffic source to reach your audience of people to refer.

Finding A Good Traffic Source to Find Investors

Everyone can become a Forex affiliate. EVERYONE. All you need to do is to get people to click your link, and the broker will do the rest.

There are a few ways you can use to find audience. Those places are called ‘traffic source’, as it’s the source of your visitor traffic.

Social Media and Email Marketing – Free Traffic

Using social media is a very good way to find an investors. One big benefit with social media channels is that it’s free.

A: Build Yourself Up as a Forex Authority

Building an audience of people that looks at you as an authority in the field will help you get your audience click the link to go an open a trading account with the broker you referred them to.

Example of ways to do that are;

With the power of Instagram, Youtube, Facebook Reels and TikTok, you only need a decent microphone and a quiete spot in-front of your computer of phone camera.

B: Collect Email Addresses

Email lists are still one of the best marketing tools there are online. The ROI of using a community that follows you is insane.

The way you can collect your social media visitors details is by leading them from your social media account to your website, where you offer premium content, tips etc, preferably for free registered customers, are just show them a pop up that encourage them to sign up for your email list.

You don’t need to pay for your website, just use services like Wix to build a beautiful website alone, and use them integration to the email marketing platforms.

C: Sign Up to An Affiliate Program


D: Track Your Traffic and Conversions


E: Insert Your Referral Link and Start Making Money

In the emails you send to your now community, you can provide more content like periodic price alerts, market updates and more. All along, advertising your referral link, in the email and encouraging them to open an account and start trading,

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