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Negative balances of disqualified sales influence your total revenue on a monthly basis. All commissions are paid by bank wire, Paypal or Crypto as per your instructions. Affiliate commissions will be paid by the 30th of the following month. See our T&Cs for more details on how we calculate your commission.


TrafficBee is a marketing toolset for media buyers and affiliates that helps them grow their business by providing them with tools to connect landing pages with no need for developer, collect leads, distribute them to brands with a smart lead distribution tools

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Affiliate commissions will be paid by the 30th of the following month

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Every user that comes through referral URL has a 60 days cookie which means that if he registers sometime in the 60 days after he used your ref feral link, he will be counted as yours

You may get a payment vie PayPal, Wire transfer or Cryptocurrency