Tracking & Attribution Features

Find you most profitable channels with TrafficBees tracking & attribution Features for affiliate marketers and media buyers

manage your marketing in 1 dashboard

Track your teams, channels, traffic sources, campaigns, ads and more, optimize to make more conversions and profits

paid ad tracking

track your all of you media campaigns and report conversions

organic & pr tracking

Publish case studies and guest posts, SEO your website and more

Influencer tracking

Collaborate with influencers and see which post converted best

Powerful tracking options

TrafficBee's traffic tracking features collects traffic from all traffic source. No more blocked ad accounts on Facebook, Google or Microsoft Ads (Bing). Our direct tracking pixel will collect accurate data

Redirect Tracking

Using our campaign URL, you will be able to track traffic from all sources, paid or organic

Direct Tracking

Using our pixel, you dont need to worry about Facebook, Google Ads or Microsoft Ads blocking you account

track your costs and payout

Learn what makes or cost you money. Find the profitable channels, sources, products and campaigns. Automatically or manually update costs

costs tracking

Track the cost of you marketing efforts. Learn where you can optimize your spending

Payout Tracking

Track how much money you're making. Receive updates automatically via S2S or API integration

more amazing feature

See more of TrafficBee's advanced features to help you increase your affiliate profits, run your brand's marketing, or your clients campaigns. Scale and profit

Landings & Multi-offer tracking

Track incoming traffic: campaign visits, clicks on landing pages, different conversionss

custom tracking domains

Connect your own domain for your campaigns. Give your links credabillity and imporve your CTR

Lead capture & tracking

Easily connect or build your Landing page, capture leads, send them and get status updates

Affiliate Dashboard

Track your clicks and conversions from all the affiliate networks and brands you send traffic to

Still Not Convinced?

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